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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Scirtoidea 21,365  

Eucinetidae (plate-thigh beetles)

The plate-thigh beetles (Eucinetidae) are species-poor family of small beetles of oval, curved body shape. The conspicuous, transversely serrated sculpture of the elytra reminds of Melandryidae or Mordellidae, and the beetles share a similar flight reflex, a tumbling movement. Worldwide 37 species from eight genera have been described from virtually all zoogeographical regions. Thereof eight species are known to occur in Europe and only two of them in Germany. The beetles can be found in detritus and leaf litter. Beetles and their larva feed on a variety of fungi and spores.
World: 37 Europe: 8 Germany: 2 collected: 1 fraction (%): 50


3 - 3.6 mm
Eucinetus haemorrhoidalis

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