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Search answered requests for beetle ID

This module allows you to search for requests for ID submitted to the ID team. Requests can be searched by keywords, species, family, date of the request and/or answer and more. Hits will be displayed as list or thumbnail overview (each available large or small) or alternativley as full text (split into pages according to user setting). In list and thumbnail mode the matches be clustered according to a user-selected order criterion. Clicking a thumbnail opens the corresponding request.

Search requests matching of the below criteria (≤5):

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Flagged stages in request # 


The uploaded photos show the following stages:



Correction will be applied to the database once released by the admin team.
 • Place: name, e.g. "Berlin"
• Map sheet: e.g. "5411"
• Coordinates: lat, lon, format "48.875456, 9.047869"
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