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photo gallery of the beetle fauna of Germany

With a photo gallery of 2463 species out of 7000 beetle species known to occur in Germany, provides support in the determination of beetles (Coleoptera). The user can search beetle species both by name and appearance and can compare photos of species side-by-side. In the section fauna records of notable species and modules for the display of their geographic distribution and seasonal activity period are available. Weblinks, hints on books, a forum for beetle ID and a glossary of entomology round off the offering.

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Wed, Aug 20th, 2014

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Aug 20th, 2014: Faunistic database now with 45,928 records...
Featured species: Laemophloeus kraussi Ganglb., 1897
The 3 to 4 mm large lined flat bark beetle Laemophloeus kraussi (family Laemophloeidae) is one of three species of the genus recorded for Germany. Worldwide around 140 Laemophloeus species have been described. From the similar and much more common sister species L. monilis it can be distinguished by the black head and pronotum and the smaller spot on the elytra The eastern European species occurs in a small stripe from France over Germany and Poland to the European part of Russia. The stenotopic, silvicolous species lives in forests and parks. They can be found on dead trunks and under the bark of various deciduous trees, e.g. oak, beck, hornbeam, elm and birch. In Germany, recent records are known from many Federal States with the exception of the North and the East. L. kraussi is regarded as vulnerable (RL 3). view all featured species...
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14 remarkable records from Baden, Württemberg and the Palatinate...
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Oulimnius tuberculatus
The riffle beetles (Elmidae) are a medium size small family of beetles, which...
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