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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Lymexyloidea 25,454  

Lymexylonidae (timberworm beetles)

The timber­worm beetles (Lyme­xylonidae) are a small family comprising 70 species worldwide, thereof only two recorded in Germany. They are medium-sized, of elongated cylindrical body shape and gaping elytra. They exhibit a conspicuous sexual dimorphism: The males bear large, pectinate maxillar palps. The larvae develop in living or freshly chopped wood and can cause severe technical damage. Among the larvae different feeding strategies have evolved: Some feed on wood directly, others build gardens of symbiotic fungi to extract nutrients from wood.
World: 70 Europe: 3 Germany: 2 collected: 2 fraction (%): 100


6 - 18 mm
Hylecoetus dermestoides ♂
7 - 16 mm
Lymexylon navale ♀

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