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Apionidae (apionid weevils)

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The apionid weevils (Apionidae) are a speciose family distributed worldwide (approx. 2100 species have been described). In Germany 135 species are known to occur. The small to very small species live phytophagous on various plants.

World: 2100 Europe: 308 Germany: 137 collected: 80 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 58%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Apionidae (apionid weevils) – currently missing species (57)
 Ceratapion scalptum
 Ceratapion carduorum
 Ceratapion armatum
 Ceratapion austriacum
 Diplapion detritum
 Acentrotypus brunnipes
 Taphrotopium sulcifrons
 Alocentron curvirostre
 Squamapion vicinum
 Squamapion origani
 Squamapion oblivium
 Squamapion hoffmanni
 Taeniapion rufulum
 Pseudapion moschatae
 Ixapion variegatum
 Exapion compactum
 Exapion inexpertum
 Exapion difficile
 Exapion corniculatum
 Exapion elongatulum
 Exapion ulicis
 Protapion gracilipes
 Protapion ruficrus
 Protapion interjectum
 Protapion schoenherri
 Protapion assimile
 Protapion difforme
 Helianthemapion velatum
 Pseudaplemonus limonii
 Perapion hydrolapathi
 Perapion affine
 Perapion oblongum
 Perapion lemoroi
 Apion cruentatum
 Catapion koestlini
 Catapion meieri
 Catapion curtulum
 Stenopterapion intermedium
 Ischnopterapion modestum
 Holotrichapion aestimatum
 Holotrichapion gracilicolle
 Hemitrichapion reflexum
 Hemitrichapion waltoni
 Hemitrichapion lanigerum
 Mesotrichapion punctirostre
 Cyanapion alcyoneum
 Oxystoma subulatum
 Oxystoma dimidiatum
 Oryxolaemus flavifemoratus
 Eutrichapion melancholicum
 Eutrichapion facetum
 Nanophyes globulus
 Nanomimus hemisphaericus
 Nanomimus circumscriptus
 Microon sahlbergi
 Pericartiellus flavidus
 Dieckmanniellus helveticus