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Scolytidae (bark beetles)

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The bark beetles (Scoly­tidae) are a speciose family with more than 5000 species in 220 genera worldwide. The center of distribution is in the tropical zones. In Germany 110 species are known to occur. The larvae develop in various woods. The bark beetles are highly relevant as forest pests. They can be divided in the groups, the first developing in galleries under the bark, and a second, developing in the wood itself. The larvae of first group feed on the bark or on the phloem between the bark and sap wood. The beetles of the latter group excavate tunnels in dead trees in which they cultivate fungal gardens, the sole source of nutrition for the larvae.

World: 5000 Europe: 154 Germany: 111 collected: 43 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 39%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Scolytidae (bark beetles) – currently missing species (70)
 Scolytus laevis
 Scolytus kirschii
 Scolytus ensifer
 Phthorophloeus spinulosus
 Phloeotribus caucasicus
 Hylastes cunicularius
 Hylastes angustatus
 Hylurgops glabratus
 Dendroctonus micans
 Carphoborus minimus
 Polygraphus grandiclava
 Polygraphus poligraphus
 Polygraphus subopacus
 Leperisinus orni
 Hylastinus obscurus
 Kissophagus novaki
 Xylechinus pilosus
 Hypoborus ficus
 Crypturgus cinereus
 Crypturgus subcribrosus
 Crypturgus hispidulus
 Crypturgus pusillus
 Lymantor coryli
 Lymantor aceris
 Thamnurgus varipes
 Thamnurgus kaltenbachi
 Dryocoetes hectographus
 Dryocoetes villosus
 Dryocoetes alni
 Coccotrypes dactyliperda
 Trypophloeus granulatus
 Trypophloeus rybinskii
 Cryphalus piceae
 Cryphalus saltuarius
 Cryphalus abietis
 Ernoporicus caucasicus
 Pityophthorus exsculptus
 Pityophthorus pityographus
 Pityophthorus micrographus
 Pityophthorus pubescens
 Pityophthorus lichtensteini
 Pityophthorus knoteki
 Pityophthorus carniolicus
 Pityophthorus glabratus
 Pityophthorus henscheli
 Gnathotrichus materiarius
 Taphrorychus villifrons
 Pityogenes trepanatus
 Pityogenes irkutensis
 Pityogenes bistridentatus
 Pityogenes conjunctus
 Pityogenes quadridens
 Pityogenes bidentatus
 Pityokteines spinidens
 Pityokteines curvidens
 Pityokteines vorontzowi
 Orthotomicus suturalis
 Orthotomicus proximus
 Orthotomicus longicollis
 Ips acuminatus
 Ips duplicatus
 Ips amitinus
 Ips cembrae
 Xyleborus eurygraphus
 Xyleborus cryptographus
 Xyleborus pfeili
 Xyleborus dryographus
 Xyleborus alni
 Xyleborus peregrinus
 Xyloterus laevae