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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Cucujoidea 68,763  

Cryptophagidae (silken fungus beetles)


The silken fungus beetles (Crypto­phagidae) are small to very small species of elongate or oval shape. They are found in leaf litter, in vegetable detritus, partially in nests of ants or small mammals. Worldwide 800 species have been described from virtually all zoogeographical realms, thereof 130 species from Germany. Their determination requires some skill and is impossible just by photo.

World: 900 Europe: 250 Germany: 132 collected: 13 fraction: 10%
1.5 - 2.6 mm
Telmatophilus typhae
1.8 - 2.8 mm
Cryptophagus scanicus
2.4 - 3.4 mm
Cryptophagus lycoperdi
4.5 - 5 mm
Antherophagus nigricornis
4 - 5 mm
Antherophagus canescens
3.5 - 5 mm
Antherophagus pallens
1.4 - 1.9 mm
Atomaria fuscata
1.4 - 2 mm
Atomaria lewisi
1.3 - 1.5 mm
Atomaria gutta
1.4 - 1.8 mm
Atomaria basalis
1.2 - 1.5 mm
Atomaria linearis
0.9 - 1.4 mm
Ephistemus globulus
0.9 - 1.1 mm
Ephistemus reitteri

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 Cryptophagidae (silken fungus beetles) – currently missing species (120)/b>
 Hypocoprus lathridioides
 Telmatophilus caricis
 Telmatophilus sparganii
 Telmatophilus brevicollis
 Telmatophilus schoenherri
 Paramecosoma melanocephalum
 Henoticus serratus
 Henoticus californicus
 Pteryngium crenatum
 Cryptophagus acutangulus
 Cryptophagus angustus
 Cryptophagus cylindrus
 Cryptophagus fallax
 Cryptophagus quercinus
 Cryptophagus badius
 Cryptophagus populi
 Cryptophagus lysholmi
 Cryptophagus lapponicus
 Cryptophagus subdepressus
 Cryptophagus subfumatus
 Cryptophagus pubescens
 Cryptophagus micaceus
 Cryptophagus saginatus
 Cryptophagus fuscicornis
 Cryptophagus labilis
 Cryptophagus confusus
 Cryptophagus inaequalis
 Cryptophagus intermedius
 Cryptophagus dentatus
 Cryptophagus acuminatus
 Cryptophagus rotundatus
 Cryptophagus pseudodentatus
 Cryptophagus dorsalis
 Cryptophagus distinguendus
 Cryptophagus hexagonalis
 Cryptophagus corticinus
 Cryptophagus pallidus
 Cryptophagus postpositus
 Cryptophagus thomsoni
 Cryptophagus obsoletus
 Cryptophagus scutellatus
 Cryptophagus ruficornis
 Cryptophagus pilosus
 Cryptophagus cellaris
 Cryptophagus laticollis
 Cryptophagus setulosus
 Cryptophagus schmidti
 Cryptophagus nitidulus
 Cryptophagus sporadum
 Cryptophagus skalitzkyi
 Cryptophagus deubeli
 Cryptophagus croaticus
 Micrambe bimaculatus
 Micrambe lindbergorum
 Micrambe villosus
 Micrambe vini
 Micrambe abietis
 Micrambe longitarsis
 Emphylus glaber
 Caenoscelis subdeplanata
 Caenoscelis ferruginea
 Caenoscelis sibirica
 Atomaria impressa
 Atomaria gottwaldi
 Atomaria plicata
 Atomaria munda
 Atomaria nigripennis
 Atomaria morio
 Atomaria ornata
 Atomaria peltata
 Atomaria fuscipes
 Atomaria pusilla
 Atomaria soedermani
 Atomaria clavigera
 Atomaria zetterstedti
 Atomaria pseudatra
 Atomaria atra
 Atomaria rhenana
 Atomaria mesomela
 Atomaria scutellaris
 Atomaria rubella
 Atomaria atricapilla
 Atomaria gravidula
 Atomaria versicolor
 Atomaria analis
 Atomaria nitidula
 Atomaria rubida
 Atomaria rubricollis
 Atomaria hislopi
 Atomaria gibbula
 Atomaria jonica
 Atomaria attila
 Atomaria turgida
 Atomaria apicalis
 Atomaria basicornis
 Atomaria testacea
 Atomaria fimetarii
 Atomaria umbrina
 Atomaria bicolor
 Atomaria diluta
 Atomaria barani
 Atomaria nigriventris
 Atomaria punctithorax
 Atomaria puncticollis
 Atomaria nigrirostris
 Atomaria alpina
 Atomaria subangulata
 Atomaria elongatula
 Atomaria pulchra
 Atomaria atrata
 Atomaria procerula
 Atomaria ihsseni
 Atomaria bella
 Atomaria lohsei
 Atomaria wollastoni
 Atomaria affinis
 Atomaria badia
 Ootypus globosus
 Curelius exiguus
 Curelius japonicus