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Dermestidae (skin beetles)

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The skin beetles (Derme­stidae) are small to medium-sized beetles of compact, mostly round oval body shape covered in scales and/or setae, sometimes patchily. Dermestidae occur in all biogeographical realms except the Antarctica. They exhibit many different lifestyles: Some feed on flowers and pollen, others are found on dry carrion, in nests of birds, mammals, bees and wasps, others are pests in grain stocks or museum collections. Worldwide some 1300 species in 50 genera have been described, thereof 50 from Germany. A considerable number of species has spread around the world with food commodities and many are now cosmopolitans.

World: 1300 Europe: 169 Germany: 51 collected: 26 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 51%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Dermestidae (skin beetles) – currently missing species (26)
 Dermestes maculatus
 Dermestes carnivorus
 Dermestes murinus
 Dermestes mustelinus
 Dermestes szekessyi
 Dermestes gyllenhalii
 Dermestes erichsoni
 Dermestes ater
 Dermestes pardalis
 Dermestes peruvianus
 Dermestes olivieri
 Attagenus pantherinus
 Attagenus fasciatus
 Attagenus trifasciatus
 Attagenus woodroffei
 Trogoderma megatomoides
 Trogoderma granarium
 Phradonoma villosulum
 Globicornis fasciata
 Globicornis marginata
 Globicornis corticalis
 Anthrenus flavipes
 Anthrenus festivus
 Anthrenus flavidus
 Orphilus niger
 Thylodrias contractus