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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Bostrichoidea 30,872  

Bostrichidae (horned powder-post beetles)

The horned powder-post beetles (Bostri­chidae) are small to medium-sized beetles, which bore in wood. They have been disseminated by trade/transport worldwide. Worldwide approx. 550 species in 100 genera have been described. From Germany 17 species have been reported, thereof five can be regarded as established in the German fauna.
World: 550 Europe: 42 Germany: 17 collected: 4 fraction: 24%


2 - 3 mm
Rhyzopertha dominica
8 - 13 mm
Bostrichus capucinus
8 - 12 mm
Lichenophanes varius
3 - 6 mm
Xylopertha retusa

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