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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Staphylinoidea 4,927  

Ptiliidae (featherwing beetles)


The featherwing beetles (Pti­lii­dae) is a family of very tiny beetles with a cosmopolitan distribution. This family contains the smallest of all beetles, with a length when fully grown of 0.3–4.0 millimetres. They are colloquially called featherwing beetles, because the hindwings are narrow and feathery. Around 600 species have been described worldwide, thereof 87 species in 87 genera in Europe. Both beetles and larvae live in rotten wood and decaying plant matter. They are mycetophagous and feed on spores, mainly of mould, but also of higher fungi.

World: 600 Europe: 130 Germany: 78 collected: 2 fraction: 3%
1.2 - 1.3 mm
Nossidium pilosellum
0.9 - 1 mm
Ptenidium gressneri

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 Ptiliidae (featherwing beetles) – currently missing species (77)/b>
 Ptenidium laevigatum
 Ptenidium turgidum
 Ptenidium intermedium
 Ptenidium brenskei
 Ptenidium fuscicorne
 Ptenidium punctatum
 Ptenidium formicetorum
 Ptenidium longicorne
 Ptenidium pusillum
 Ptenidium reitteri
 Ptenidium nitidum
 Actidium variolatum
 Actidium boudieri
 Actidium coarctatum
 Actidium aterrimum
 Oligella foveolata
 Oligella intermedia
 Oligella insignis
 Micridium halidaii
 Ptilium exaratum
 Ptilium affine
 Ptilium latum
 Ptilium caesum
 Ptilium myrmecophilum
 Ptilium canaliculatum
 Ptilium horioni
 Ptilium modestum
 Euryptilium gillmeisteri
 Euryptilium saxonicum
 Ptiliola kunzei
 Ptiliola brevicolle
 Ptiliolum caledonicum
 Ptiliolum schwarzi
 Ptiliolum wuesthoffi
 Ptiliolum spencei
 Ptiliolum fuscum
 Ptiliolum marginatum
 Ptiliolum sahlbergi
 Bambara fusca
 Microptilium palustre
 Ptinella britannica
 Ptinella limbata
 Ptinella denticollis
 Ptinella aptera
 Ptinella tenella
 Ptinella microscopica
 Ptinella errabunda
 Pteryx suturalis
 Baranowskiella ehnstromi
 Nephanes titan
 Smicrus filicornis
 Baeocrara variolosa
 Baeocrara japonica
 Acrotrichis grandicollis
 Acrotrichis montandonii
 Acrotrichis chevrolathii
 Acrotrichis thoracica
 Acrotrichis sericans
 Acrotrichis dispar
 Acrotrichis brevipennis
 Acrotrichis pumila
 Acrotrichis silvatica
 Acrotrichis parva
 Acrotrichis cognata
 Acrotrichis insularis
 Acrotrichis norvegica
 Acrotrichis arnoldi
 Acrotrichis intermedia
 Acrotrichis atomaria
 Acrotrichis lucidula
 Acrotrichis danica
 Acrotrichis sitkaensis
 Acrotrichis rosskotheni
 Acrotrichis sjoebergi
 Acrotrichis fascicularis
 Acrotrichis rugulosa
 Acrotrichis strandi