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photo gallery of the beetle fauna of Germany

With a photo gallery of 2641 species out of 7000 beetle species known to occur in Germany, provides support in the determination of beetles (Coleoptera). The user can search beetle species both by name and appearance and can compare photos of species side-by-side. In the section fauna records of notable species and modules for the display of their geographic distribution and seasonal activity period are available. Weblinks, hints on books, a forum for beetle ID and a glossary of entomology round off the offering.

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Fri, Nov 16th, 2018

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Nov 1st, 2018: Faunistic database now with 107.132 records...
Featured species till Nov 23rd: Necrophorus humator (Gled., 1767)
The sexton or black burying beetle Necrophorus humator (family Silphidae) is one of two entirely black Necrophorus species of the German fauna. In all other representatives of the genus the otherwise black beetles exhibit orange markings on the elytra. Similar to other burying beetles, Necrophorus humator buries carcasses of small animals, on which their larvae will develop. They exhibit a remarkable brood care behavior. The female feeds the grubs by regurgitating liquid food until they can feed off the carcass themselves. The female stays in the crypt with the grubs until they pupate, repairs damages of the crypt, fends off competitors and predators and cleans the crypt from mould and rot. With a body length of 18 to 26 mm, Necrophorus humator is the second largest species of the genus in Germany.
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Remarkable records from Baden, Württemberg and the Palatinate...
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Onthophagus illyricus
The scarab beetles (Scara­baeidae) are a very speciose family with more...
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