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photo gallery of the beetle fauna of Germany

With a photo gallery of 2589 species out of 7000 beetle species known to occur in Germany, provides support in the determination of beetles (Coleoptera). The user can search beetle species both by name and appearance and can compare photos of species side-by-side. In the section fauna records of notable species and modules for the display of their geographic distribution and seasonal activity period are available. Weblinks, hints on books, a forum for beetle ID and a glossary of entomology round off the offering.

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Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

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Featured species till Aug 25th: Bembidion striatum (F., 1792)
The ground beetle Bembidion striatum is a representative of the countless number of species in the genus Bembidion (family Carabidae). Its distribution spreads from France to West Siberia. The beetle is mostly found in lowland regions. The 5.3 to 6.5 mm large beetle is critically endangered in Germany (RL 1) because many of its habitats have been destroyed through river regulation. The beetle requires open shore areas with fine to coarse sandy ground, which are still present along the larger rivers in Germany, but nowadays often very isolated. On such locations the beetles can be observed during springtime in warm and sunny weather, where they run around quickly and fly up swiftly when disturbed.
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Remarkable records from Baden, Württemberg and the Palatinate...
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Nitidula carnaria
The sap beetles (Niti­dulidae) are a speciose family of small beetles....
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