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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Staphylinoidea 70,211  

Leiodidae (round fungus beetles)


The round fungus beetles (Leio­didae) are a large family (500 species) with worldwide distribution. 85 species are known to occur in Germany. All of them feed on fungi. The species of the tribe Leiodini live on subterranean fungi and are equipped with fossorial legs, whereas the tribe Agathidiini feeds on above-ground fungi (also on tree fungi). The species of the genus Agathidium are able to curl up into a ball if disturbed. Many subterranean species leave the soil at dusk and can be catched on glades and riverbanks by using a sweeping net.

World: 500 Europe: n.a. Germany: 81 collected: 14 fraction: 17%
2 - 2.8 mm
Hydnobius multistriatus
2.2 - 3.2 mm
Leiodes pallens
4 - 7 mm
Leiodes cinnamomea
1.5 - 2.2 mm
Leiodes badia
1.3 - 2 mm
Colenis immunda
2.7 - 4 mm
Anisotoma humeralis
3.2 - 3.8 mm
Anisotoma castanea
3 - 4 mm
Anisotoma glabra
2 - 3 mm
Anisotoma orbicularis
2 - 2.3 mm
Agathidium marginatum
2.5 - 3 mm
Agathidium varians
2 - 2.7 mm
Agathidium nigripenne
2 - 2.5 mm
Agathidium seminulum
2.1 - 2.8 mm
Agathidium badium

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 Leiodidae (round fungus beetles) – currently missing species (67)/b>
 Triarthron maerkelii
 Hydnobius latifrons
 Hydnobius spinipes
 Hydnobius punctatus
 Hydnobius claviger
 Trichohydnobius suturalis
 Leiodes ciliaris
 Leiodes furva
 Leiodes subconvexa
 Leiodes rotundata
 Leiodes rubiginosa
 Leiodes triepkeii
 Leiodes rugosa
 Leiodes hybrida
 Leiodes brandisi
 Leiodes skalitzkyi
 Leiodes fracta
 Leiodes oblonga
 Leiodes silesiaca
 Leiodes lucens
 Leiodes rhaetica
 Leiodes longipes
 Leiodes vladimiri
 Leiodes flavescens
 Leiodes macropus
 Leiodes polita
 Leiodes lunicollis
 Leiodes distinguenda
 Leiodes picea
 Leiodes dubia
 Leiodes obesa
 Leiodes rufipennis
 Leiodes bicolor
 Leiodes brunnea
 Leiodes ruficollis
 Leiodes litura
 Leiodes ferruginea
 Leiodes gallica
 Leiodes nitidula
 Leiodes nigrita
 Leiodes carpathica
 Leiodes gyllenhali
 Leiodes strigipenne
 Leiodes flavicornis
 Agaricophagus cephalotes
 Cyrtusa subtestacea
 Liocyrtusa minuta
 Liocyrtusa vittata
 Zeadolopus latipes
 Anisotoma axillaris
 Liodopria serricornis
 Amphicyllis globus
 Amphicyllis globiformis
 Cyrtoplastus seriepunctatus
 Agathidium haemorrhoum
 Agathidium convexum
 Agathidium bescidicum
 Agathidium mandibulare
 Agathidium rotundatum
 Agathidium confusum
 Agathidium plagiatum
 Agathidium nigrinum
 Agathidium discoideum
 Agathidium atrum
 Agathidium laevigatum
 Agathidium dentatum
 Agathidium bohemicum