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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Hydrophiloidea 30,164  

Spercheidae (filterfeeding water scavenger beetles)

The filter­feeding water scavenger beetles (Sper­cheidae) are a very small family of small-sized beetles with approx 20 species in one genus worldwide. Spercheids are primarily found in the Old World, although at least two species are known from South America. In Germany only one species is found. They occur in stagnant water with rich vegetation, often in the mud on the edge of small ponds. Both adults and larvae are among the few coleopteran filter-feeders, feeding on detritus or possibly small crustaceans and insect larvae.
World: 20 Europe: 1 Germany: 1 collected: 1 fraction: 100%


5.5 - 7 mm
Spercheus emarginatus

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