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Scydmaenidae (antlike stone beetles)

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The ant-like stone beetles (Scyd­maenidae) are a family consisting of small to very small species. They are found in humid places, in wet mosses, in vegetable detritus, in deep forest litter, under bark or stones. Some species are associated with ants or live in the nests of small mammals. Many species and their larvae prey on mites, using cutting or hole-scraping techniques with their mouthparts to get through the mites hard shell. Worldwide more than 4000 species have been described, in Germany 53 species are found. Their determination is often not easy, and requires not only a specimen, but also some skill.

World: 4500 Europe: 600 Germany: 53 collected: 11 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 21%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Scydmaenidae (antlike stone beetles) – currently missing species (42)
 Euthiconus conicicollis
 Euthia plicata
 Euthia schaumi
 Euthia linearis
 Euthia scydmaenoides
 Chelonoidum latum
 Cephennium thoracicum
 Cephennium majus
 Cephennium carnicum
 Neuraphes elongatulus
 Neuraphes angulatus
 Neuraphes carinatus
 Neuraphes imitator
 Neuraphes rubicundus
 Neuraphes ruthenus
 Neuraphes talparum
 Neuraphes plicicollis
 Neuraphes coronatus
 Neuraphes praeteritus
 Neuraphes parallelus
 Neuraphes coecus
 Scydmoraphes helvolus
 Scydmoraphes minutus
 Stenichnus pusillus
 Stenichnus foveola
 Stenichnus bicolor
 Stenichnus poweri
 Microscydmus nanus
 Microscydmus minimus
 Euconnus oblongus
 Euconnus pubicollis
 Euconnus styriacus
 Euconnus chrysocomus
 Euconnus claviger
 Euconnus pragensis
 Euconnus unicus
 Euconnus maeklinii
 Euconnus wetterhallii
 Euconnus carinthiacus
 Euconnus motschulskyi
 Euconnus denticornis
 Euconnus fimetarius