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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Bostrichoidea 58,137  

Ptinidae (spider beetles)

The spider beetles (Ptinidae) are small beetles exhibiting a pronounced sexual dimorphism. They are found on various vegetable matters and can withstand dryness pretty well. Some species are found in houses as well, especially older houses insulated with straw. Worldwide approx. 600 species have been described, thereof 30 from Germany.
World: 600 Europe: n.a. Germany: 30 collected: 7 fraction: 23%

   Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine Coloring:

2 - 3.2 mm
Gibbium psylloides
4 - 4.5 mm
Niptus hololeucus
3 - 5 mm
Ptinus rufipes ♂
2 - 4.3 mm
Ptinus fur ♂
2 - 2.8 mm
Ptinus subpilosus ♂
1.8 - 2.8 mm
Ptinus dubius ♂
2.8 - 4.2 mm
Ptinus sexpunctatus

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 Ptinidae (spider beetles) – currently missing species (23):
 Mezium affine
 Mezium sulcatum
 Trigonogenius globulus
 Sphaericus gibboides
 Tipnus unicolor
 Paraniptus globulus
 Ptinus coarcticollis
 Ptinus lichenum
 Ptinus pusillus
 Ptinus bicinctus
 Ptinus clavipes
 Ptinus moorei
 Ptinus villiger
 Ptinus calcaratus
 Ptinus pilosus
 Ptinus spitzyi
 Ptinus tectus
 Ptinus exulans
 Ptinus variegatus
 Ptinus raptor
 Ptinus bidens
 Ptinus nitidus
 Pseudeurostus hilleri