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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Scarabaeoidea 42,871  

Geotrupidae (earth-boring dung beetles)

The earth-boring dung beetles (Geo­trupidae) are medium-sized beetles with 600 known species worldwide. The majority of the species feeds on dung or decaying plant matter. A few species are herbivorous. Many of the species exhibit brood care behavior by digging tunnels, which are used to store dung balls as substrate for their developing larvae. From Germany eleven species have been recorded.
World: 600 Europe: 77 Germany: 11 collected: 5 fraction: 45%


15 - 22 mm
Typhaeus typhoeus ♂
15 - 26 mm
Geotrupes mutator
18 - 26 mm
Geotrupes spiniger
16 - 24 mm
Anoplotrupes stercorosus
14 - 20 mm
Trypocopris vernalis

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