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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Caraboidea 42,223  

Hygrobiidae (screech beetles)

The screech beetles (Hygro­biidae) are a very small family of medium-sized beetles with only one genus worldwide comprising six species. Their distribution range is the Palearctic and Australis. In Germany only one species occurs, which lives as predator in stagnant water, scarcely covered with vegetation (e.g. muddy and loamy ponds). Hygrobiidae are able to fly, but are only modest swimmers. Their habitus resembles those of the Hydrophilidae, and their swimming style is similar, too, with alternate strokes of the hind legs.
World: 6 Europe: 1 Germany: 1 collected: 1 fraction: 100%


8.5 - 11 mm
Hygrobia hermanni

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