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Search by appearance

This search function allows searching through all families. As search criteria body length (in mm), body shape, the color(s) of the pronotum, elytra and legs can be used. It works best for colorful species, unicolored species are more difficult. It is mainly made for those users, who observed an eye-catching species and don't know, where to start their search. Those of you using this function for the first time, please take a few minutes to have look at the manual with a short description of the module and some hints on search strategy.
Manual for the module search by appearance

Body contour (required):
Closed body contour Membered body contour
broad oval elongated oval elongate broad build less broad elongate

Color (max. 2 colors per body part, at least 1 color in total):
Pronotum: Elytra: Legs:

Body length (mm):


Sort mode/Gender:


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