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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Staphylinoidea 34,649  

Cholevidae (no common name)

The Cholevidae are small to medium-sized beetles of quite uniform body shape. They are a species-rich taxon, with species present on all continents, except the Antarctica. From Germany about 50 species are known. Any determination by photo is virtually impossible. They can be found in vegetable detritus (saprophagous), carrion (necrophagous) or are guanophilous. In most cases, they are hygrophilous and light-avoiding, several species live in micromammal dens (pholeophilous) and are specialized hypogeans. Due to their hidden lifestyle they are not often recorded.
World: n.a. Europe: n.a. Germany: 51 collected: 8 fraction: 16%


2.2 - 3.7 mm
Ptomaphagus subvillosus
2.7 - 3.2 mm
Nargus velox
2.2 - 2.3 mm
Nargus brunneus
1.5 - 2 mm
Nargus anisotomoides
4 - 5 mm
Choleva agilis
4 - 5 mm
Choleva glauca
3.5 - 4.5 mm
Catops fuscus
5 - 6.5 mm
Catops picipes

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