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Cholevidae (no common name)

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The Cholevidae are small to medium-sized beetles of quite uniform body shape. They are a species-rich taxon, with species present on all continents, except the Antarctica. From Germany about 50 species are known. Any determination by photo is virtually impossible. They can be found in vegetable detritus (saprophagous), carrion (necrophagous) or are guanophilous. In most cases, they are hygrophilous and light-avoiding, several species live in micromammal dens (pholeophilous) and are specialized hypogeans. Due to their hidden lifestyle they are not often recorded.

World: n.a. Europe: n.a. Germany: 51 collected: 8 Missing species Overview in inquiry module fraction: 16%
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   Hint Color of pronotum or elytra, total or partial, also metallic shine
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Missing species Cholevidae (no common name) – currently missing species (43)
 Ptomaphagus varicornis
 Ptomaphagus sericatus
 Nemadus colonoides
 Anemadus strigosus
 Nargus badius
 Nargus wilkinii
 Choleva spadicea
 Choleva paskoviensis
 Choleva septentrionis
 Choleva oblonga
 Choleva nivalis
 Choleva reitteri
 Choleva cisteloides
 Choleva bicolor
 Choleva angustata
 Choleva sturmi
 Choleva fagniezi
 Choleva jeanneli
 Choleva elongata
 Dreposcia umbrina
 Sciodrepoides watsoni
 Sciodrepoides fumatus
 Sciodrepoides alpestris
 Catops subfuscus
 Catops longulus
 Catops coracinus
 Catops nitidicollis
 Catops grandicollis
 Catops kirbyi
 Catops tristis
 Catops ventricosus
 Catops chrysomeloides
 Catops neglectus
 Catops morio
 Catops nigriclavis
 Catops joffrei
 Catops fuliginosus
 Catops nigricans
 Catops nigricantoides
 Catops mariei
 Apocatops nigritus
 Fissocatops westi
 Parabathyscia wollastoni