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  Order Coleoptera      Superfamily Bostrichoidea 53,459  

Cisidae (minute tree-fungus beetles)


The minute tree-fungus beetles (Cisidae) are small beetles of oblong to oval shape. They are found on bracket fungi. The species are quite uniform, their determination requires some skill and is usually not possible with photos. Worldwide approx. 550 species have been described, thereof 48 from Germany.

World: 550 Europe: 76 Germany: 48 collected: 5 fraction: 10%
2 - 2.4 mm
Xylographus bostrychoides
1.8 - 2.2 mm
Ropalodontus perforatus
1.5 - 2 mm
Sulcacis affinis
2.8 - 3.5 mm
Cis boleti
1.8 - 2.9 mm
Orthocis alni

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 Cisidae (minute tree-fungus beetles) – currently missing species (43)/b>
 Octotemnus glabriculus
 Octotemnus mandibularis
 Ropalodontus baudueri
 Ropalodontus novorossicus
 Wagaicis wagai
 Sulcacis bidentulus
 Sulcacis fronticornis
 Sulcacis bicornis
 Cis lineatocribratus
 Cis nitidus
 Cis jacquemartii
 Cis hanseni
 Cis glabratus
 Cis comptus
 Cis striatulus
 Cis hispidus
 Cis gladiator
 Cis setiger
 Cis micans
 Cis rugulosus
 Cis quadridens
 Cis punctulatus
 Cis fagi
 Cis castaneus
 Cis multidentatus
 Cis dentatus
 Cis bidentatus
 Cis laminatus
 Cis fissicornis
 Orthocis pseudolinearis
 Orthocis linearis
 Orthocis pygmaeus
 Orthocis coluber
 Orthocis juglandis
 Orthocis vestitus
 Orthocis festivus
 Orthocis lucasi
 Ennearthron reitteri
 Ennearthron cornutum
 Ennearthron pruinosulum
 Ennearthron laricinum
 Ennearthron palmi
 Hadreule elongatulum