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Bostrichus capucinus (L., 1758)
Bostrichus capucinus
Bostrichus capucinus A
Bostrichus capucinus B
Bostrichus capucinus C
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The Capuchin beetle Bostrichus capucinus is one of five representatives of the family Bostrichidae which are permanently established in Germany. However, they reach their greatest diversity in the tropical region with more than 500 species. The 8 to 13 mm large beetle is distributed throughout the whole Palearctic and prefers warm regions in the continental climate zone. Depending on the nutrient content of the brood substrate the development takes one to several years, preferably in oak sapwood and fruitwood, especially in dry vines and roots. The cylindrical body shape, the black toothed pronotum and the red elytra make the beetle unmistakable. Although the species can become a best in lumberyards, it is classified as vulnerable (RL 3) in the Red List of Germany. (CB)

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