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Lygistopterus sanguineus (L., 1758)
Lygistopterus sanguineus
The 6 to 12 mm large Lygistopterus sanguineus belongs to the seven species of the net-winged beetles (family Lycidae) in Germany and is the only representative of the genus in our fauna. Worldwide, the genus comprises 39 species, the majority of them in the Nearctic and Neotropic. Lygistopterus sanguineus is distinguished from all other Lycidae species in the European fauna by a snout protruding from the head. The eurytopic, silvicolous species is known to occur from Europe over Asia Minor to Eastern Siberia. In Germany recent records have been reported from virtually all Federal States and the species is not endangered. It can be found at the edges of forests on flowering herbs and shrubs as well as on decaying wood, especially oak and birch. The larvae are carnivorous, whereas the adult beetles feed on pollen. (CB)

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