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Oryctes nasicornis (L., 1758)
Oryctes nasicornis
Oryctes nasicornis A
Oryctes nasicornis B
Oryctes nasicornis C
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The European rhinoceros beetle Oryctes nasicornis is the only representative of the subfamily Dynastiinae (rhinoceros beetles) within the scarab beetles (family Scarabaeidae) in Germany. The main distribution of the species is in Southern Europe and the south of Central Europe. In Southern Europe the development cycle takes 2-4 years in oak wood. In former times, the development in Germany was restricted to piles of tanbark of oak in tanneries, which produced enough heat due to decomposition processes. With the modernization of the tanning process at the beginning of the 20th Century the species disappeared from many regions in Germany along with the tanbark piles. Since the 1980's heaps of wood chippings have been set up and today the species has become common in Germany. (KR)

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