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Yesterday, I migrated our phenograms from low-quality GIF to high-res scalable vector graphics (SVG). However, my initial implementation caused problems in IE11 and Edge browsers, which I have just resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience!

I have just created a dashboard for the users of our ID forum, which allows a convenient overview of the own recordings and requests for ID as well as those of other users. Thanks to my co-admin Fabian, who brought up the idea. I have built it into the module "Check request status" (there the new view mode: dashboard). Just try it out with the dashboard for Rüsselkäferin!

I wish all visitors of a happy and prosperous New Year 2018 and lots of fun with the beetle hobby!

New Year 2018

As a fresh start into the New Year I just uploaded a new topic page on the blister beetle Stenoria analis, written and beautifully illustrated by our user Hans Bahmer (thanks!).

Furthermore, the faunistic database just increased to 91,830 records, the number of contributors to 1,470. Thanks to all who contributed their faunistic records in this update cycle.


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