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Although beginning of spring is still to come, we nevertheless announce our new mapping project for 2019, where we hope for the active support of all our users at The white-spotted rose beetle Oxythyrea funesta is unmistakable in Germany due to its striking black and white color. In warm areas (Upper Rhine, Rhine-Main area, Rhineland-Palatinate), the species was limited during the 20th century and only rarely encountered. During the last 20 years, probably due to climate change, a significant spread of the species has been recorded in all areas of Germany. In 2019 we want to pay special attention to this species in order to further document its exciting and enormously rapid spread and to close large gaps in the distribution map with your help. We ask you to document your observations of this species and report them to us in our inquiry module. We've also created a new project page for you to keep track of progress. The project is taken care of by our co-admin Hannes (thanks!).
I wish all visitors of a happy and prosperous New Year 2019 and lots of fun with the beetle hobby!

New Year 2019

As you can see, got a new logo for the entire website and our social media channels. It was developed by Reetzdesign in Cologne.

Furthermore, the faunistic database just increased to 109,274 records, the number of contributors to 1,855. Thanks to all who contributed their faunistic records in this update cycle.